Aqueous Salt Solutions
AlF3-H2O NH3-H3PO4-H2O The ammonia - phosphoric acid system at 50°C quaternary phase diagram for the reciprocal aqueous salt system NaCl - K2SO4 K2SO4-Al2(SO4)3-H2O SLE in K2SO4-isopropanol-water AlCl3-HCl-H2O MgO-H3PO4-H2O The magnesium oxide - phosphoric acid system at 0°C CaSO4-H2O BaSO4-H2O at 100°C as a function of pressure CO2 capture with chilled ammonia Solubility in the NaOH - P2O5 - H2O system at 60 °C quaternary phase diagram for the aqueous salt system CaCl2 - KCl - NaCl LiOH-H3BO3-H2O The lithium hydroxide - boric acid system at 60°C AlCl3-KCl-HCl-H2O Al2(SO4)3-Na2SO4-H2O CaCO3 solubility in water at 100 C under increasing CO2 partial pressure Ca(OH)2-H2O

The phase diagrams shown on these pages are calculated with the Extended UNIQUAC thermodynamic model. This model is available in easy to use software. The software has Microsoft Excel as user interface. A demo version can be downloaded here.